Habitat plans expansion meeting

Published 12:07 pm Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity has several projects underway in Cumberland County as it seeks to serve more families in need of adequate, safe and affordable housing.

The first is to establish a leadership team in Cumberland and the second is to start its first build near Cumberland Court House.

Sam Rabon, Farmville Habitat’s community outreach director, said the organization is looking for interested people in Cumberland who are willing to serve in leadership positions and represent the community.

Sam Rabon

Volunteer-leaders would work with families assoiciated with the building projects, recruit volunteers and financial donations and help find appropriate land for building.

Rabon said the organization has had strong ties with Cumberland County Public Schools, particularly with Dr. Chip Jones, assistant superintendent of finance and operations, and students at the carpentry class at Cumberland High School. The students recently built a utility shed that will be used for the project.

Two sheds were used for homes in Farmville and at Habitat’s most recent project in Dillwyn.

“We have a great foundation (and) relationship starting up,” Rabon said.

Rabon, who said Habitat for Humanity serves the counties of Prince Edward, Charlotte and Buckingham and Farmville, is excited to also expand its work and leadership in Cumberland.

Most importantly, Rabon said, he hopes to work with people in Cumberland who are invested in serving the community and spreading awareness of Habitat.

The home build in Cumberland is expected to begin near the court house area this summer or early fall.

The organization will hold a meeting describing the projects Monday at 6 p.m. at the Luther P. Jackson Adult Education Center located at 15 School Road.

For more information, call (434) 394-3001 ext. 200 or email sam@farmvillehabitat.org.