‘A better plan is on its way’

Published 10:39 am Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Prince Edward County Supervisor Pattie Cooper-Jones told me the following in a conversation on April 3.

“The issue of the county’s homeless and transition is not a dead nor (an) ignored subject, but we must have a program that doesn’t just give people a room for a night.”

There’s a plan in the works which she feels, and I must agree, will better help the homeless of Prince Edward County.

Though it is only in its planning stage and will involve joint cooperation from other community organizations, it will not only provide shelter, but help individuals by finding and fixing the cause of their homelessness issue, as well as provide counseling for those who may need it.

It will be a pilot program for those transitional citizens of the county, and I feel it will be one that will be a success not only for the county, but for those clients it will serve.

Kenneth Wayne Jackson