‘Many times’ she has been bored

Published 4:02 pm Thursday, March 9, 2017


Agreeing, responding and following up on Brian Klingenfus’ opinion column regarding Farmville having “nothing to do,” I believe the truthfulness of this statement lies in the eyes of the beholder (“Plenty to do,” Wednesday, Feb. 15).

I was born and raised in Farmville, and contrarily can say that there are many times I have been bored. However, this depends on your connections with the others in town.

I, for one, didn’t have many connections. I had no desire to attend events or open mic nights. If I did, I attended them alone, which eventually resulted in my boredom.

Longwood University students should disagree, of course. College students aren’t usually from the area, thus, Farmville is new scenery.

College students are more than likely connected to other students and places across town, making these fun events easier to find and attend. These connections are continuous. Connections with others brings about more connections. Students have commonalities, such as sports and clubs that make having fun much easier versus those who don’t seek that.

Those who complain are those who aren’t socially connected. Moral being that your connections and willingness to have these connections is what typically keeps you away from boredom in Farmville.

Kadedra Vaughan