FBLA members get high honors

Published 3:53 pm Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Buckingham County High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club received numerous awards at Longwood University during its regional competitions recently.

According to school officials, regional winners included Amanda Bryan, first place in agribusiness, which included a 60-minute objective test covering economics, finance and accounting, health, safety and environmental management, management analysis and decision making, marketing and terminology and trends.

Caitlyn Amos, Diante’ Lee and Laurel Logan received second place in banking and financial systems.

“This event provides recognition for FBLA members who have an understanding of and skills in the general operations of the various components of the financial services sector. The objective test may include questions on business and its environment, forms of business ownership and the law, ethics and social responsibility, information and communication systems, planning and strategic management, financial management, human resource management and careers,” school officials said.

Alexia Johnson and Macie Crotts received first place in global business.

“This event provides recognition for FBLA members who can identify, understand and apply economic principles to contemporary social, political and ecological problems,” school officials said. “The written-objective test may include questions on economic principles related to the policies and goals of the United States economy and a comparison of the American economic system with other systems. Topics covered may include supply and demand, prices, profits, competition, government and taxes, labor relations, monetary and fiscal policy, types of businesses, investments, global business and environmental issues.”

Daniel Brickhill received first place in impromptu speaking.

“The ability to express one’s thoughts without prior preparation is a valuable asset, as are poise, self-confidence and organization of facts. This event recognizes FBLA members who develop qualities of business leadership by combining quick and clear thinking with conversational speaking,” school officials said.”

Amil Bolden took first place in introduction to business communication.

“Learning to communicate in a manner that is clearly understood by the receiver of the message is a crucial task for all businesspeople. This event provides recognition for FBLA members who are working toward improving their business communication skills of writing, speaking and listening. The written objective test may include grammar, word definition and usage, proofreading, spelling, punctuation, numbers, capitalization and oral communication concepts.”

Christyn Amos and Sydney Mullins took second place in introduction to business communications, while Brickhill took first place in public speaking I.

“This event recognizes FBLA members who are beginning to develop qualities of business and information technology leadership by developing effective speaking skills. The content of the four-minute speech must be of a business nature and must be developed from one or more of the nine FBLAPBL goals,” school officials said.

Ty Martin took first place in sales presentation, according to school officials.

“Participation in this event will allow the individuals to demonstrate proficiency in selling techniques, merchandise knowledge and presenting to the customer.”

Buckingham’s FBLA Chapter also received third place for largest local chapter.