Cumberland County Dispositions

Published 4:03 pm Thursday, March 16, 2017

February 2

• Brandon Jamar Jackson, of Cumberland, possession of marijuana, dismissed.

• Heidi Pick, of Cumberland, obstruct justice threat/force, dismissed.

• James Alfred Barrett, of Cumberland, abusive language to another, guilty, 12 months unsupervised probation, fines.

• Gordon Lee Marsh, of Farmville, DWI: second offense within five years, guilty, four months jail, three months, 10 days suspended, 12 months supervised probation, 12 months restricted license, fines.

• William Williams, of Amelia Court House, concealed weapon: carry, nolle prosequi (not prosecuted).

February 3

• Jesse Aaron Daves, of Cartersville, disorderly conduct, nolle prosequi.

February 9

• Linda Lamb Donadio, of Smithfield, fail to comply with PCS, nolle prosequi.

• Phillip Lee Thompson Jr., fail to comply with VASAP, dismissed.

• Kristen Lynn Casey, of Victoria, fail to comply with ASAP, dismissed.

February 16

• Hugh A. French Jr., of Cumberland, abusive language to another, dismissed.

Luke French, of Cumberland, assault, dismissed.

• Darinique Nicolette Lee, of Appomattox, bad check: larceny, nolle prosequi.

• Randall Wayne Mahon, of Cumberland, abusive language to another, dismissed; assault, dismissed.

• Jessica Lynn Reaser, of Arvonia, fail to comply, guilty, 85 days jail, 55 days suspended.

February 23

• Maxwell A. Booker, of Dillwyn, fail to comply, dismissed.

• James Lee McCray, of Powhatan, grand larceny, not from person, dismissed, 12 months unsupervised probation.

• Tyler Barnes, of Cartersville, hunting with unauthorized weapon, nolle prosequi; two counts hunt/trap/fish without license, guilty; kill deer illegally, guilty; hunting during unauthorized times, guilty, fines; fail to check deer, guilty, fines.

• Oscar O. Hammonds, of Cartersville, hunt/trap/fish without license, dismissed.

• George E. Langhorne, of Cumberland, hunt with loaded gun between ditches, guilty.

• Michael W. Mundt, of Powhatan, false statement to get fishing license, dismissed.

• Harvey L. Williams, of Richmond, hunt/trap/fish without license, guilty in absentia.

February 28

• David Joseph Wilson Jr., of Amelia, violation probation, revoked, 12 months jail, six months suspended, two years probation.