Buckingham County property transfers

Published 9:40 am Thursday, March 30, 2017

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of February.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Patrick J. Ablack Jr., to Wendell T. Ablack, 1.77 Ac. James River District. $10,000.

• Raymond W. Bertschy TR, to James M. Gree, 2.150 Ac. James River District. $149,000.

• Melissa Sue Bouqin, et al, to Julia L. Ryan. 8.45 Ac. Curdsville District. $175,000.

• Buckingham Training School, to Buckingham County School Board, 4.00 Ac. Maysville District. 40,000.

• Jane Heins Campora, to Elizabeth Deane Heins-Hodge, 7.5 Ac. Marshall District. Gift Deed.

• Frederick E. Demaio Jr., et al, to Frederick F. Demaio Jr. Trust. Gift Deed.

• Gene B. Dixon Jr., to Gene B. Dixon Revocable Trust. 428.437 Ac., 2.3 Ac., and 22 Ac., Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

• Samuel Eberle, et al, to Matthew J. Frittts. 2.581 Ac., James River District. 150,000.

• William J. Eberle, et ux, to Peter Mcintosh, tr, 2.620 Ac., James River District. $150,000.

• Rick G. Fair Sr., to Rick G. Fair Sr., et al, 1.84 Ac., Maysville District. Gift Deed.

• Thomas E. Flippen, to Jeffery Wade Davis, 2.00 Ac., Marshall District. Gift Deed.

• Rita W. Harris, to Leonard Daniel Owenby, et al, 3.00 Ac., Curdsville District. $17,900.00.

• Earl L. Henderson Jr., to Mary V. Tindall, 0.23 & 0.005 Ac., Marshall District. Gift Deed.

• Dana Anthony Karpain, to Sakina Gandhi. 5.79 Ac. James River District. $160,000.00.

• Caroline Lucill Laikin-Credne, to Edward Charles Laiken, et al, 242.0 & 0.425 Ac., Maysville District. Gift Deed.

• Angela LeSueur, to William Carmines, et ex, 2 Lots, Town of Dillwyn. $89,500.00.

• Janet M. Meiburger, tr et al, to Charles W. Benhoff. 18.84 +/- Ac. Maysville District. $25,000.

• Garland Donald Murphy, sr et, to Angela Annette Murphy, 2.705 Ac., Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

• Russel Parrish, to Stephen Colton Parrish, 20 Ac., Marshall District. Gift Deed.

• Harry D. Poulter, et ux, Harry D. Poulter, tr et al, 64.65 Ac. Maysville District. Gift Deed.

• Samuel I. White P C, et al, to Finance of America Reverse LL, DB 395 PG 481. $35,000.

• Lorrie Shumaker, tr, to George Crews, 0.475 Ac., Maysville District. Gift Deed.

• Lawrence Wade Stimpson Jr. et, to Alexander T. Cross, 1.00 Ac., Curdsville District. $70,000.

• Michael A. Suddarth, to Earl E. Bryant, et al, 1.764 Ac., Slate River District. $47,933.00

• Kenneth F. Thurston, et ex, W. Hartdeborah, 2.00 Ac., James River District. $110,000.

• Wilbur W. Whitehead, et  al, to Edward J. Lewis, 3.92 Ac., James River District. $15,680.

• Terri Atkins Wilson, et al, to Charlie W. Schwaniger, 44 Ac. & 44 Ac., Maysville District. $215,000.

• Windy Hill Properties LLC, to William M. Mccauley, et ex, 3 Ac. less 0.50 & 2 Ac. James River District. $60,000.

• Edna C. Wood, to Edgewood Farm LLC, 198.25 Ac. Francisco District. Gift Deed.

• Barry J. Wright Sr., to Grace B. Wright, 1.39 Ac., Maysville District. Gift Deed.