Supervisors being ‘rightly sued’

Published 12:55 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I am responding to the article on Feb. 12 regarding the lawsuit against Buckingham County supervisors for their approval of a special use permit for a compressor station for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (“Supervisors, ACP face suit over compressor station,” Feb. 15).

The supervisors have been rightly sued for allowing a large industrial complex in an area that is zoned for agricultural use.

The concessions that have been suggested by Dominion do not change the industrial nature of the compressor station and do not reduce its impact on homes and farms.

As a property owner in Buckingham County, I am very afraid that supervisors have disregarded our zoning laws for their own unknown reasons.

We have the right to expect consistency in our zoning laws and in the responsibility of the supervisors to uphold our zoning laws. 

If they have approved such an enormous industrial complex in an agricultural zone next to farms and homes, what is stopping them from allowing an industrial facility next to my house or your farm?

Please let supervisors know that you do not support their random disregard of our Comprehensive Plan, which was written to protect us or you may be faced with an industrial plant next to your home or farm.

Mary Beth Keller