Situation ‘is threatening the Fourth Estate’

Published 12:59 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2017


According to Inforwars’ Adan Salazan, Jake Tapper, who is a television anchor for CNN, theorized that President Donald Trump attempted to discredit the news organization by his negative comments toward Jim Acosta.

Tapper and the mainstream media are mistakenly assuming that others can do more damage to CNN than they can do to themselves.

At Trump’s first news conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta ranted out of order, with no respect for himself, his position as a reporter or Trump.

What this reporter and other mainstream news media personnel are doing to discredit the news media is disheartening. 

By their prejudiced views, approaches and lopsided reporting, and an attempt to make their slant on newsworthy events a spectacle, they are creating an environment where readers simply distrust their reports. 

Frankly, the entire situation is threatening the “Fourth Estate” (the press) — something that is essential in our democracy and republic.

Peter Kapuscinski