Prince Edward County Sheriff’s activity report

Published 2:19 pm Thursday, February 9, 2017

Total calls received: 136

Calls handled by dispatch: 43

Civil papers served: 208

Criminal papers served: 40

Transports of mental patients and prisoners: 3

Traffic stops: 21

January 30

• Accident on Twin Bridges Road.

• Disorderly conduct on Eagle Drive.

• Attempt to locate on Mitchell Road.

• Funeral traffic on Holly Farms Road.

• Transport on Bush River Drive.

• Warrant service on Holly Farms Road.

• Rescue call on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Assault on Eagle Drive.

• Attempt to locate on McAllister Lane.

• Attempt to locate on Epperson Road.

• Attempt to locate on Green Bay Road.

January 31

• Rescue call on Poorhouse Road.

• Rescue call on Poplar Forest Road.

• Rescue call on Miller Lake Road.

• Burglar alarm on Briarwood Road.

• Suspicious subject on Genito Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Douglas Church Road.

• Scam on Buffalo Heights Road.

• Items found on Farmville Road.

• Rescue call on Redd Shop Road.

• Accident involving Deer on Route 460.

• Scam on Green Bay Road.

February 1

• Rescue call on Pin Oak Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Abilene Road.

• Missing person on Second Street.

• Report only on Route 15 North.

• Disabled vehicle on Route 15 South.

• Burglar alarm on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Commerce Road.

• Odor on Heights School Road.

• Rescue call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Fire alarm on Green Bay Road.

• Transport to Oak Street.

• Rescue call on Rice’s Depot Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Sulfur Spring’s Road.

• Transport to Riverside Regional Jail.

• Disabled vehicle on Moore’s Ordinary Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Controlled burn on Twin Bridges Road.

• Theft on Allen Farm Road.

• Assault on Prince Edward Highway.

• Suspicious vehicle on Five Forks Road.

• Assault on Scuffletown Road.

• Rescue call on Pin Oak Road.

• Protective Order Service on Five Forks Road.

• Animal Control requested on Douglas Church Road.

• Welfare check on Vaughan Road.

• Rescue call on High Bridge Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Rhodies Road.

• Funeral traffic on Farmville Road.

• Writ of possession on Allen Lane.

• Brush fire on Prince Edward Highway.

• Rescue call on Glen Carson Road.

• Warrant service on Hatters Creek Drive.

February 3

• Rescue call on Mt. Moriah Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Dominion Drive.

• Vehicle unlock on Bowen Court.

• Deliver message on Redd Shop Road.

• Rescue call on Chappell Road.

• Vehicle repossession on Abilene Road.

• Rescue call on Bush River Drive.

• Livestock in road on Heights School Road.

• Stolen license plate on Meherrin Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Burglar alarm on Watson Boulevard.

• Suspicious Incident on Page Street.

• Report only on Five Forks Road.

• Assistance needed on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Elam Drive

• Traffic hazard on Route 460 East.

• Vandalism on Rice’s Depot Road.

• Rescue call on Spring Creek Road.

• Project Lifesaver on Freddie’s Drive.

• Assistance needed on Douglas Church Road.

February 4

• Rescue call on Hardtimes Road.

• Burglar alarm on Watson Boulevard.

• Stolen property on Prince Edward Highway.

• Theft on Pine Hill Drive.

• Rescue call on Darlington Heights Road.

• Rescue call on Milnwood Village Lane.

• Warrant service at the office.

• Burglar alarm on Ridgeway Drive.

• Report only on Hampden Hollow Lane.

• Disabled vehicle on Farmville Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Briery Lake Road.

February 5

• Assault on Farmville Road.

• Unauthorized use on Elam Drive.

• Vehicle pursuit on Route 460 West.

• Assistance needed on Lipscomb Street, Crewe.

• Requesting VDOT on South Farmville Road.

• Attempt to locate on Worsham Road.

• Rescue call on Mt. Pleasant Road

• Vehicle unlock on Sheppards Road.

• Dispute on Hardtimes Road.

• Burglar alarm on Commerce Road.

• Rescue call on Apollo Drive.

• Rescue call on Hurt Hill Lane.