Prince Edward County Property Transfers

Published 10:23 am Thursday, February 23, 2017

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of January.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Grace Redd Jacobs, to Reginald J. Redd, 23 Acres, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• Samuel L. Entrekin, et al, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, Lot, Lockett District. $48,308.

• William Thomas White, et al, to Conner Daniel White, Lots, Town of Farmville. Gift Deed.

• Silva Group LLC, to Briana L. Deane, et al, 3.12 Ac, Lot 8, Sect I, Sunset Ridge Sub., Hampden District & R/W. $190,000.

• THH Business Trust, to Hotel Weyanoke LLC, Lots, Town of Farmville. $356,000.

• Amy Alliston McFarland, to David J. Hufcut, et al, Lots, Lockett District. $175,500.

• Kristina Maiello, to Glenn F. Boynton, et al, 17.21 Ac, Lockett District & Easement. $27,500.

• Elizabeth A. Fortune, to Michael Thomas Perlick, Lot 7 Containing 29.15 Ac, Prospect District. $79,800.

• Bobby G. Carpenter, et al, to Debora L. Stokes, 1.92 Ac, Lot 10, Sherry Hill, Leigh District. $90,000.

• Luke C. San, et al, to The Woodland Inc., Lot 2, Farmville. $52,500.

• Lynn Freeman MacBeth, to Bruce A. Denham, Lots, Hampden District. Gift Deed.

• Johnnie Herbert Southall, to Pamela Sharon Southall, Lots, Town of Farmville. Gift Deed.

• Lacy B. Ward Jr., to John David Emert, et al, 55.74 Ac, Prospect District. $85,000.

• RKL Mortgage, LLC, to Carroll W. Mumma, et al, 1.82 Ac, Hampden District. $29,900.

• Gregory A. Siegrist, to Douglas G. Lambert, Lots, Hampden District. $170,000.

• Caryn B. Kayton, et al, to Kayton Properties, LLC, Lots, Town of Farmville and Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• Caryn B. Kayton, et al, to CBK Properties, LLC, Lots, Town of Farmville and Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• Cheryl D. White, to Cheryl D. White, Tr, 17.21 Ac, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• The Robert E. Taylor Family Lim, to Jesse James Davis Jr., et al, 1.41 Ac, Town of Farmville. $45,000.

• Robert E. Raymond Sr., to Robert E. Raymond Sr., et al, 4.80 Ac, Lot 5, Sunset Subdiv, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• Daniel G. Wooten, et al, to Longwood University Real Estate, 0.213 Ac, Lot, Farmville. $109,500.

• Donald Lee Neathery, to Jerry C. Runion, et al, 3 Ac, Lockett District. $42,000.

• Sheila A. Martin, to Sheila A. Ryan, 4.27 Ac, Lot 9, Pinewood Subdiv, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

• Silva Group LLC, to William H. Gates, Trustee, 2.32 Ac, Lot 14, Walnut Hill Sub, Lockett District & Easement. $20,000.

• Margie L. Casey, to Jesse W. Yeatts, et al, 3.13 Ac, Lot 14A, Leigh District. $20,000.

• Sheena J. Franklin, to Sheena J. Franklin, 2016 Champion Mbl Home on Lot, Buffalo District. Record provided by clerk of court did not include sale price.

• Charlene H. Booker, to Donald B. Davis III, 1.61 Ac, Prospect District. $120,000.

• Donald R. Ireland, to Everett W. Gee III, Lots, Lockett District. $31,000.

• Everett W. Gee III, to Bradley L. Watson, et al, Lots, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• H. Steven Byrd, to Richard B. Gordon, 0.69 Ac, Farmville District. $27,000.

• Clair R. Acker, et al, to Clair R. Acker, et al, 3.50 Ac, Lot 7, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

• Cornal F. Green, to Pamela A. Scott, 1.064 Ac, Prospect District. Gift Deed.

• L. Richard Padgett Jr., PC, Sub Tr, to Gully Tavern Enterprises, LLC, 4.3 Ac, Parcel 5, Lockett District. $79,901.

• Edward Hendrick, et al, to A. Q. Hance, et al, 2.4 +/- Ac, Leigh District. Gift Deed.

• Shashidharan B. Ayer, et al, to Kenneth W. Mascetti Jr., et al, 0.76 Ac, Farmville District. $260,000.