‘Little love’ for the less fortunate

Published 2:04 pm Thursday, February 16, 2017


I found it a shame that at Tuesday’s Prince Edward Board of Supervisors’ meeting there was little love for our less fortunate citizens.

Supervisor Bob Timmons was the opposing force behind the board’s declining to add a clause to a county ordinance which would allow for transitional housing in Prince Edward.

His statements in opposition to the ordinance change made absolutely no sense and were totally incorrect; he stood fast in his misguided views.

The main surprise was Supervisor Pattie Cooper-Jones, who seemed more to have a personal grudge against the Farmville Area Rescue Mission — an existing transitional housing group — rather than the issue at hand, which pertained to the county as a whole.

She was soon joined by Supervisor Odessa Pride, who has forgotten how many needy citizens we have, and was joined by Jim Wilck.

Maybe it’s because they’re comfortable, have a roof over their heads and food that they have forgotten about those less fortunate.

I found it quite sad that a few selfish individuals spoke for the whole county. Since it seems our supervisors will only listen to them, it seems time once again to place another issue on the ballot for the citizens of this county to decide.

A petition for a referendum to add transitional housing to our ordinance will begin circulation next week.

We might even circulate one to remove the county administrator.

Kenneth Jackson