‘Give the man a chance’

Published 12:20 pm Thursday, February 9, 2017


I would like to see the public and the movie stars who are protesting President Donald Trump’s “temporary” extreme immigration/refugee vetting process take any immigrant/refugee into their own home, treating them as they would an exchange student so that they would learn firsthand how these immigrants would blend into our culture.

I think this has already been proven to be deadly in other countries. Since the stars have such a tremendous following and believe so deeply that all immigrant/refugees should be allowed into our country, they should be the ones to prove it is safe to do so.

I read where actor George Clooney supported all immigrants entering the U.S. until they moved next door to his mansion in Italy. Why should he have any say so when he’s not even living here? As long as movie stars, who are different characters in each movie and who only live in a fantasy world, are being used as models to say how the real world should behave, we are doomed for trouble.

We have to use common sense and be selective as previous presidents have done. The prior immigration policies worked. Why aren’t we using the ones that worked? Politicians have gotten us into the mess we’re in, and now we have a chance to see how a businessman can run the country like a business, which it really is. Give the man a chance!

Michelle Yoder