‘Decision was made … to help our economy’

Published 2:48 pm Thursday, February 2, 2017


Having read a letter to the editor from Sandy Bruton, in Cumberland, about the “Buy American” clause being taken out of a stimulus by our Senate, I couldn’t help but respond to set the record straight (“Trump ignores his own rules,” Friday, Jan. 20).

As it stands, taking out the clause will be more helpful in future trade according to a published article.

As usual, it seems like the Democrats want to stir up as much negative on President Donald Trump as possible, and, in doing so, hurt Americans.

Read the CNN article, and decide for yourself if Trump (who wasn’t president at the time of the bill’s passing) has done something to hurt Americans as Bruton wants us to believe. This decision was made in order to help our economy, not hurt it.

Sandy Carter