Trump ignores his own rules

Published 3:03 pm Thursday, January 19, 2017


President Donald Trump said his guiding “rules” are “buy American and hire American.”  But, before Christmas, the Republicans in the House of Representatives took out a “buy American” clause that was inserted by the Senate in a water projects bill. 

The bill ($5 billion appropriated) will be using steel and other manufactured items that could help our economy and jobs.

Trump refused to respond when senators tweeted to him, begging him to get the Republicans to put the “buy American” clause back in the bill. Trump did nothing.

Recently, Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida “home,” applied for 64 H2B visas for 2017.

These 64 visas were for foreign waitstaff, housekeepers, etc., averaging $12 per hour. 

Can anyone believe that there are no Americans in Southern Florida who would be willing to be service workers for $12 an hour? What do we call someone who says one thing and does another? 

What do we think of someone who ignores his own two rules?

Sandy Bruton