Supervisors made the right decision

Published 11:47 am Tuesday, January 10, 2017

There’s no doubt Buckingham County supervisors made the right decision in voting to approve the special use permit application for the 53,768 horsepower gas fired compressor station.

There’s also no doubt that many are disappointed in the board’s late night vote, one that followed a vast majority of speakers opposing the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and its compressor station needed to help move natural gas down the line.

Many had concerns about health, life and ethics of supervisors voting to allow Dominion, which is leading ACP LLC, in building the station along Route 56 between Shelton Store and Union Hill roads. We understand and hear the concerns of those living in the area. We’ve documented them in news story after news story, informing thousands of people in print and online in Buckingham and across the state of the perceived and reported dangers of the station.

It’s our opinion the station and pipeline will ultimately be a benefit to Buckingham County and every person who lives in its boundaries. The ACP project is one that’s needed now more than ever as federal regulations continue to demonize the operation of coal-burning power plants. This natural gas pipeline, the station and the sought tap will bring prosperity through jobs, increased county revenue and the potential for access to clean, natural gas for homes and businesses in Buckingham.

We commend the hundreds of people who spoke before the county’s planning commission and board of supervisors regarding the permit. This permit application afforded a democratic opportunity that many localities impacted by the ACP won’t have. Democracy and the freedom of speech is alive in Buckingham. There’s no doubt about that.

Dominion External Affairs Manager Carla Picard said the station would be “highly regulated” with “layers of additional vigor,” citing the conditions placed on the permit application.

We commend planners and supervisors for, not only hearing citizens’ concerns, but for beefing up the permit with conditions that will keep those who live in the Union Hill neighborhood safe from danger, while promoting economic opportunity and growth within Buckingham and the region.