Redbud Garden Club meeting held

Published 6:22 am Thursday, January 12, 2017

Redbud Garden Club held its annual auction and Christmas party on Dec. 20 at the home of Geraldine Sanderson. Dottie Fahrner and Jean Taylor were hostesses. Taylor led the group in devotions with a selection on faith, hope and love, followed by a prayer. Guests included Lisa Blanton, Shelley Chapman, Teresa Chapman, Debbie Kennell, Susan Oertel, Jan Pennington, Rebecca Sanderson, Ellen Seal and Haley Short.

Auctioneer Patsy Miessler was assisted by elf Haley Short. A variety of auction items were available, including mints, cookies, fudge, jams and jellies, cakes, breads, pickles, cheese straws, jewelry and books.

Following the auction, refreshments were served and included some of the items that had been for sale.

For the exhibit “This Christmas Flower,” a design featuring one or more poinsettias, blue ribbons were awarded to Liz Dunn, Dottie Fahrner, Janet Higgins, Ann Ligon, Alice Metts, Patsy Miessler and Barbara Stimpson.

Red ribbons were given to Geraldine Sanderson, Sarah Schember and Kate Shorter. “Wrap It Up,” a design of a wrapped gift package with accessories, earned blue ribbons for Mary Hazlegrove, Alice Metts, Geraldine Sanderson and Jo Smith.

Janet Higgins received a red ribbon.