On Bartlett’s contract, pay

Published 3:54 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2017


While reading Carson Reeher’s article in the Jan. 13 issue of The Herald, “Bartlett’s contract will be renewed,” I noticed Reeher left out several important issues that not only came up during public participation, but also was acted on by the board of supervisors.

Regarding County Administrator Wade Bartlett’s contract renewal, which has not been given a final vote, the article seems to persuade citizens to believe that his contract renewal is a done deal when, in actuality, the board members have not voted as of yet to renew it.

My concerns are:

• Bartlett’s performance over the past 10 years. Why has our county infrastructure and economic growth not met the demands of the citizens and for the 21st century?

• Continued salary benefits and increases for Bartlett at over $11,000 per month.

• The county needs and will benefit from a change in administration and someone who can bring new vision, insight and developmental ideas.

• Allowing citizens’ input in this decision- making process.

The article also failed to mention the formation of a committee to study a county and town transportation center, bringing the Greyhound Bus as well as taxi services to our area. This was voted on and approved by the board.

I hope in the future Reeher’s articles and other Herald reporters will be more accurate.

Bemeche’ Hicks