Hope from the election

Published 2:27 pm Thursday, January 12, 2017

We give sincere congratulations to Republican Mark Peake, who will succeed U.S. Rep. Tom Garrett in the state senate after a landslide victory in Tuesday’s special election.

Though the campaigning period was extremely short — from early December to Tuesday — Peake was able to muster the votes needed to send him to Richmond.

Peake’s 53 percent of votes cast above his opponents’ totals made it clear he was the district’s pick for the job.

It’s our hope that, as he told many voters and supporters, Peake will always keep the interests of this district and its people in mind when voting on legislation.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the hard work and efforts of his opponents.

Both Democrat Ryant Washington, of Fluvanna, and independent conservative Joe Hines, of Rice, put up a strong fight, and we commend both for seeking public office.

We particularly commend Hines for his courage to run as an independent candidate, wholly setting himself apart from party interests for the sake of purely representing the district, with a large focus on jobs.

Though he didn’t win, Hines did gather over 7 percent of votes cast, a large number of which came from Prince Edward, his home county.

His efforts were not in vain. In a recent letter to the editor, Farmville resident Jane D. Crute said Hines would bring the district hope. His campaign — though about only one month long — brought hope to those in Farmville and Prince Edward County who have been clamoring that the economic hub of the Heart of Virginia needs a greater voice in the Virginia General Assembly.

Most importantly, we offer thanks to the citizens of Prince Edward, Buckingham and Cumberland who attended our candidates’ forum and voted Tuesday.

They, along with the candidates, brought democracy to life, which is a beautiful scene.