He wants answers about pipeline project

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This is a very difficult article to write as I’ve worked against government regulations in education, dentistry, etc. As I’ve studied the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), I’ve developed misgivings about it and its impact on Buckingham County.

No one has been able to answer when the regulations for natural gas pipelines were last reviewed, updated and their average size.

The proposed compressor station on Route 56 is the largest that Dominion will have built and operated. The 42-inch pipeline has more than double the volume of the one that exploded in Appomattox in 2008 and probably much more pressure per square inch. 

It will be narrower gauge with fewer shutoff valves than is required in urban areas, but under more pressure. Everything has a breaking point and there is no proof that this isn’t approaching it.

I can buy gloves that meet federal specifications, but I will not use them, due to their higher failure rate.

Supervisors talk about safety of the compressor station and the pipeline, but when you read the conditions of the special use permit you’ll find the following: The horsepower will be up to 55,000 (much greater than initially proposed), Buckingham must request copies of all permits and periodic reports generated, conditions 25 and 28 are contradictory in reporting requirements of violations to Buckingham, the required presence on site for the first year can mean that they are just sitting playing computer games verifying an internet connection, the first air testing may be done with only one of the five turbines running, changes in operational factors may not be provided to Buckingham for 30 business days, etc.

Economic benefits to Buckingham are praised, but there are two very different reports on the impact to Buckingham and I’ve yet to see the board of supervisors have them compared and explained to them and our citizens. Property taxes will go up on landowners away from the project and down for those near it.

The ACP is proposed by a limited liability corporation, or LLC.  Right now, Dominion is the majority owner by 1 percent, but that can change.

An LLC is a nice way to protect stockholders, etc.

There is no guarantee that it will continue to exist and money to repair damages, etc., will be available.

After the Battlefield Golf Club episode, they may be looking to reduce their future legal exposure.

I still have many questions about the safety and economic benefits to Buckingham. I hope that everyone will ask questions for the betterment of Buckingham.

Walter Saxon Jr. is a lifelong Buckingham resident and dentist. His email address is wsaxonjr@yahoo.com.