He supports Joe Hines

Published 12:58 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I am asking the residents of Prince Edward County to join me in supporting and voting for Joe Hines for Virginia Senate.

Joe has an MBA and is a licensed professional engineer. Equally important to our district, Joe understands the opportunities and challenges of rural Virginia. For far too long, rural areas have had little to no voice or representation in Richmond. Joe is a native and resident of Rice and has pledged to fight for us in Richmond.   

Joe is the only candidate with a business and economic development background running for state Senate. He has worked with each locality within the district and is the only candidate with a proven track record of creating economic growth and job opportunities.

Joe has always demonstrated a high degree of integrity in his personal and professional life. As our state senator, he will be a leader who is transparent, available and responsive to the 22nd District.

Joe is an independent and will always put our voices and principles over party loyalty.

Joe has long recognized the sacrifices and trials our veterans have had and continue to have for their commitment to our country. As state senator, Joe will fight for their rights.

Joe also understands the need to keep our tax dollars in Southside Virginia to support the needs in our communities.

We need a strong conservative leader who will represent us in Richmond.

Please join me on Jan. 10 and cast your ballot for Joe Hines for state senator District 22.

Bob Timmons

Darlington Heights