He says Prince Edward needs a new county administrator

Published 2:09 pm Thursday, January 26, 2017

As I read Carson Reeher’s article in the Friday, Jan. 13, issue of The Farmville Herald, “Bartlett’s Contract will be renewed,” I could not help but notice her leaving out the fact that during public participation, citizens called for a public session to weigh in on Prince Edward County Administrator Wade Bartlett’s contract renewal.

Bartlett’s total compensation package includes $148,058.

It should also be noted that the county could not give wage increases to its support staff who, without the county could not function, yet can constantly give hefty salaries to a county administrator who has failed to make this county more self-sufficient.

Our county relies on state and federal money for more than 52 percent of its operating budget.

As far as his law-abiding, I refer to Bartlett’s public charge and allegation of driving under the influence.

The board of supervisors never listened to the people. It just lets us know the laws don’t apply to them as we and our reputation would be smeared throughout the county.

To believe that this county must allow an administrator to ride out his or her retirement on the back of our taxpayers is ridiculous.

We have the ability and duty to find a new administrator who can increase this county’s revenue, infrastructure and community development.

We, as citizens, need and deserve an administrator who can actually bring us into a productive and prosperous 21st century, and Bartlett is not the one to do it.

I do not say this without insight. As I have been a citizen of this county for as long as Bartlett and have watched the county lose several well-paying jobs and industries.

I have watched as existing or relocating companies have used our tobacco indemnification funds and grants to businesses, producing limited employment opportunities for citizens of this county.

Perhaps it is important to remind our supervisors, four of whom are up for re-election this year, that if they do not wish to listen to and hear the citizens they represent, then we will elect those who will.

Kenneth W. Jackson lives in Rice and is a co-founder of the new Prince Edward County Democratic Republic Committee. His email address is kwj34@embarqmail.com.