Buckingham Arrest Report

Published 12:16 pm Thursday, January 5, 2017

December 18

• Demarco Arnold-Thomas, 28, of Fluvanna, charged with law enforcement command: disregard or elude, endanger; stolen goods: buy/receive; monument: intentional damage; petit larceny; emergency vehicle: maliciously shoot/throw; license revoked: drive without license.

• Patty Bryant, 51, of Evergreen, charged with DWI: refusal of blood/breath test; DWI, second offense within 5-10 years; traffic: lane markings-fail to obey.

December 19

• David Conley, 52, of Newport News, charged with burglary; petit larceny; fail to appear.

• Timothy Smith, 38, of Buckingham, charged with assault; firearm: reckless handling.

• Latarrus Nicholas, 30, of Fluvanna, charged with failure to appear.

• Luther Dunkum, 44, of Buckingham, charged with assault and battery-family member.

December 20

• William Llewellyn, 31, of Powhatan, charged with license revoked: drive without license; fail to surrender revoked plates; bailee: violate conditions of release.

December 21

• Odell Lipscomb, 48, of Buckingham, charged with probation: violation on felony.

• Kenneth Booker, 53, of Buckingham, charged with license revoked: habitual drive without license; DWI; fail to stop for police.

December 22

• Joseph Gerken, 55, of Buckingham, charged with two counts of bad check: larceny.

December 26

• Robert Tutwyler, 48, of Buckingham, charged with firearm/etc: pointing/brandishing.

• Patrick Cox, 26, of Buckingham, charged with firearm: reckless handling.

December 28

• Larry Teems, 36, of Buckingham, charged with shoplift alter price/conceal goods greater than $200; two counts of obtain money/etc. false pretense; two counts of shoplift/alter price/conceal less than $200.

• Kim Austin, 53, of Buckingham, charged with drugs: possess schedule I or II; drugs: possess marijuana; license revoked: drive without.

December 30

• Nicholas Lawson, 26, of Albemarle, charged with drugs: possess marijuana.

• Hampton Gregory, 74, of Buckingham, charged with DWI: second offense within five years.

January 1

• Sara Berry, 29, of Buckingham, charged with trespass: after forbidden to do so.