Winter Warmth — Part 3 at Twin Lakes

Published 10:02 am Thursday, December 29, 2016

Twin Lakes State Park will host a session Saturday 4-5 p.m. continuing a study of how wild animals keep warm.

The focus of this latest session will be the scaly and slimy creatures of the wild, and then participants will be taught how they can help their neighborhood’s reptiles and amphibians in their backyard.

Those attending are encouraged to dress warmly as the program will be given outdoors. Fireplaces will be lit during the duration of the event, which will get started at the picnic shelter located near the Cedar Crest Conference Center.

There is no extra event fee, and children are allowed.

This will be the third in a series of sessions studying wild animals like raccoons, birds, snakes, fish and even insects and how they all are uniquely adapted to survive during the long winter months, using things like fat, fur, sleep and antifreeze.