Prince Edward Arrest Report

Published 9:25 am Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 12

• Matthew Quinton Kelley, 19, of Charlotte, charged with unlawful purchase or possess alcoholic beverage; DUI under age of 21.

• Quasheara Nicole Brown, 23, of Farmville, charged with failure to appear for traffic summons.

• Larry Davie Dennison II, 26, of Farmville, charged with revocation of suspended sentence and probation.

• Leonard Arthur Grebinger, 38, of Farmville, charged with false statement on firearm consent form. Amended to misdemeanor.

December 13

• Jered Cody Pope, 30, of Keysville, charged with grand larceny; possess firearm while in possession of drugs; possession of controlled substance; possession of marijuana.

• Malik Dealo Lee, 18, of Farmville, charged with assault and battery-police officer; obstructing justice.

December 14

• Brand Lamar Thomas, 23, of Pamplin, charged with failure to appear on misdemeanor charge.