Only strategy is to run

Published 12:52 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I have attended most of the public hearings on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and compressor station.

During one of the meetings with the planning commission, I asked if Dominion and its affiliates will provide the county with additional safety equipment such as another fire engine. I was told no, that it was not asked for or needed. Why?

There is only one strategy for an accident and that is to run, run, run as far as people can run. A gas line fire cannot be put out by a fire engine. This is not only for the compressor area, but if there is an accident on the pipeline — same thing.

Please remember, fellow citizens, the pipeline company is an LLC. The words are limited liability. Who pays for accidents? We all live with hope — no flat tire, no burned dinner, no pipeline accidents.

Marie Flowers