He supports pipeline compressor station

Published 1:44 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016


With the winter season (and polar vortex activity) once more closing in on us, I am again reminded of the critical importance of affordable energy. Many of us are blessed to keep our homes warm, even on limited budgets. For others, keeping households warm is an ongoing struggle. Buckingham County has an opportunity to help all of our citizens by being part of a project designed to keep energy costs affordable, using a fuel that is sourced in America and that creates American jobs.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, bringing natural gas from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina, will be used to fuel electrical power stations, keeping power affordable by using safe and reliable American-made natural gas. Buckingham’s opportunity to assist is by approving necessary permits to install compressor stations. These compressor stations are a vital component of compressed natural gas pipelines (and, by the way, the “noise” levels from these plants is less than that produced by normal room conversation levels). The proposed plants will not only make the pipeline function, but will bring much needed additional tax revenue to Buckingham County — $1.5 million to be exact, according to project predictions. This money can be used for public safety, education or other projects within Buckingham County.

Further, Kyanite Mining Corp. has a pending agreement to utilize this natural gas from a tap off of the pipeline. This will benefit its employees and allow the company to use natural gas — a much cheaper and cleaner alternative to burning diesel fuel to power the massive burners that purify kyanite ore. These practical and economic benefits far outweigh any negatives that have been voiced.

On Jan. 9, the board of supervisors will vote on this project. I strongly urge they support this project for the affordable energy, jobs and tax revenue we will gain, all right here in our beloved Buckingham County — of, by and for all Buckamites!

Kenneth R. McDermott