Cumberland County Court Dispositions

Published 9:31 am Thursday, December 29, 2016

November 1

• Edwin Lee Hayer Jr., of Blackstone, felon possess weapon/ammo (not gun), nolle prosequi (not prosecuted); manufacture, etc., controlled substance, nolle prosequi.

November 3

• Vautaze Tehem Williams, of Farmville, fail to appear, guilty, 10 days jail; disorderly conduct, guilty, 60 days jail suspended, 12 months unsupervised probation; purchase/possess alcohol, guilty, 30 days suspended, public swearing/intoxication, nolle prosequi.

• Shawn Allen, of Farmville, assault, nolle prosequi; strangle; wound/injury results, nolle prosequi.

• Alvin Penick, of Farmville, assault, nolle prosequi.

• Olivia A. Scruggs, of Farmville, DWI, second offense, guilty, fines.

• Caine Leonard Jones, of Cartersville, false report/summon to law enforcement, not guilty.

• Billy O. White, of Pamplin, dive under revoked/suspension, guilty, 90 days suspended license, fines.

November 10

• Ashley Bandy, of Cumberland, assault, nolle prosequi.

• Norma Rae Atkinson, of Farmville, public swearing/intoxication, not guilty.

• Christopher Jack Bailey, of Dinwiddie, assault, dismissed.

• Devin Brooks, of Charlotte Court House, drink while driving/open container, nolle prosequi; DWI, first offense, guilty, 90 days jail suspended, 12 months unsupervised probation, six months restricted license, fines.

• Tara Nicole Fairley, of Green Bay, drive with suspended revoked license, guilty, fines.

• Eric Lewis Giles, of Cumberland, assault on law enforcement, nolle prosequi; obstruct justice threat/force, nolle prosequi.

• Whitney Leigh Langston, of Cartersville, assault and battery, guilty, six months jail , five months, 20 days suspended, 12 months unsupervised probation, fines.

• Camille Esther Neuman, of Farmville, possession of controlled substance, nolle prosequi.

November 17

• Tina Eileen Clayton, of Cartersville, drive under revoked/suspension, guilty, fines.

November 29

• Richard Lee Johnson, violation probation on felony offense, dismissed.