Buckingham Arrest Report

Published 9:25 am Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 11

• Aaron James, 31, of Buckingham, charged with DWI: first offense.

December 12

• Cameron Jent, 18, of Buckingham, charged with four counts of drugs: distribute/PWI marijuana (felony); contribute to delinquency of minor.

December 13

• Ashleigh Cavanaugh, 32, of Fluvanna, charged with assault and battery-family member; assault.

December 14

• Marcus Gresham, 47, of Buckingham, charged with two counts of assault and battery-family member.

• Michael Hayer, 35, of Buckingham, charged with stolen goods: buy/receive, less than $200; license revoked:

drive without license; fail to surrender revoked plates; drugs: possess with intent to manufacture/sell schedule I or II; firearm: possess by non-violent felon, greater than 10 years; concealed weapon: carry.

December 17

• Steven Allen, 39, of Fluvanna, charged with probation violation: violation on felony offense.