‘Goodbyes are never easy’

Published 9:25 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This may come as a shock, but last week was my last at The Farmville Herald. I finished my time here Thursday, and it was a huge time of reflection for me as the day neared.

I cannot thank this place enough for the experiences I’ve had, and for everything I learned along the way.

I was blessed to come on board in August 2013 when Steve Wall — whom I cannot thank enough for giving me my writing career start — hired me as sports editor. I held that position until July 2015 when Farmville Newsmedia’s Steve Stewart offered me the honor of being editor of The Charlotte Gazette and The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch — an opportunity for which I will forever be grateful.

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Through my entire time here, I have gotten to work with and meet some pretty amazing people.

I got the chance to work with the legendary Coach Craig Gill when he was still with us. I witnessed the unimaginable skills of players like Leon Ragland, Annesha Harris, Diamond Boxley and Taylor Frink. I interviewed people like Raquan “Boonie” Bolden, Libby Morris, Teequan Banks and Amonte Vaughan, showing the community how gifted they were at such young ages.

The staff at the Herald I have gotten to know and love are people I will truly miss, like jokester Jackie Newman, wise Marge Swayne and one of my best friends, Jordan Miles. They are all people I did not look forward to leaving along with the rest of the hardworking staff that continues to make each product we have the best it can be.

I will always cherish my time at the Herald, and wish the newspaper the very best of luck. It has been my home for more than three years now, and while goodbyes are never easy, this one was one of the hardest.

HANNAH DAVIS was a marketing consultant for The Farmville Herald. She was also editor of The Charlotte Gazette and The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. Her email address is hannah.davis37@gmail.com.