A great Good Neighbor Day

Published 11:58 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

In today’s edition, you’ll find pictures from Wednesday’s Good Neighbor Day, the 20th such event sponsored by more than 70 businesses, including Rochette’s Florist and Carter’s Flower Shop.

Throughout the day, the two floral shops handed out 1,400 dozen roses — for free — to hundreds of customers. The sponsors generously paid for the 16,800 flowers.

The goal: Keep one rose for yourself and hand off the other 11 to those you consider “Good Neighbors.” It turned into a fun time, even here in the Herald offices, where several of us actually ended up with multiple roses thanks to our staff’s multiple trips to cover the story.

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In addition to the many sponsors, the Farmville Junior Woman’s Club and the Heart of Virginia Christmas Mother program brought Good Neighbor Day to the community this year. This is the first year for the charitable program and — with Nancy Haga as the 2016 Christmas Mother — has a goal of raising $20,000 to bring Christmas to 200 kids in the area. The money will be used to shop for new toys, games, movies, books and necessities. Volunteers are being sought to distribute the gifts.

We hope everyone had fun on Good Neighbor Day, but we also hope everyone will continue to help the Junior Woman’s Club and Christmas Mother program as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

Basically, be a good neighbor every day. Who knows, you might get a rose!