Win $100 to pay library fines

Published 1:03 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Cumberland County Public Library (CCPL) is offering patrons a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card for paying outstanding fines.

The Fine Payment Incentive program began Monday and lasts through Sept. 30. Patrons earn a ticket for each dollar paid in fines; tickets will be placed in a drawing to be held Oct. 3. Payments can be made on large balances. However, tickets will not be placed in the drawing until account balances are zero. In the past, the library has offered specific periods of time when patron’s fines were forgiven.

“(However,) it may prove to be more profitable to provide an incentive for paying fines rather than just forgiving them”, library director Robin Sapp said.

The Friends of the Library is partnering with CCPL by providing the $100 Visa gift card.

Patrons incur fines through fees which result from overdue books, DVDs and other materials borrowed from CCPL. Items returned damaged or which are never returned at all result in charges collecting on patron accounts.

Books and audiobooks collect .20 cents and DVDs $2 per day per item in overdue fines, with a maximum fine per item of $10. Damaged and lost item charges vary, but include replacement and processing.

Patrons with fines may not check out material until the fine is paid. CCPL attempts to avoid patron fines by sending email reminders and calling patrons when items are close to being overdue. Additionally, patrons can renew items themselves either by phone or through the CCPL’s website. Most items can be renewed up to three times.

For more information on the Fine Incentive Program or any of the services and programs at the CCPL, call (804) 492-5807 or visit