Reid will be missed

Published 12:05 pm Thursday, August 11, 2016

It is with great pride that we congratulate Justin Reid on his new position with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH).

This week, Charlottesville gained a devoted leader. Though we are sorry to lose Reid as the director of education and public programs at the Moton Museum, we know he will do great things as director of African American Programs at VFH.

During the past five years, Reid has been instrumental in the success of the Moton Museum. He assisted in transitioning Moton into a highly regarded museum, thus further establishing this town’s rich history. During his term, he helped establish the museum’s permanent exhibition, “The Moton School Story: Children of Courage.” Since the finalization of the exhibition, Reid has led countless youth through the rooms of Moton, instilling in them a passion for and understanding of Virginia’s history.

Reid said reaching young people in the community was his greatest accomplishment. We have to agree.

Reid’s role in managing events, visitor services and educational outreach has been invaluable to the museum and to the town. Since 2013, Moton Museum has done much more than teach guests about our shared past. In a space which was once this community’s greatest symbol of division, Moton museum has invited the community to come back together as one. Let us not forget Reid’s role in this transition.

We wish him luck as he moves forward to promote and educate a statewide audience about Virginia’s African American history.