Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Published 6:49 am Thursday, August 11, 2016

Total calls received: 157

Calls handled by dispatch: 30

Civil papers served: 155

Criminal papers served: 45

Transports of mental patients and prisoners: 3

Traffic stops: 31

August 1

• Vehicle repossession on Miller Drive.

• Rescue call on Schultz Mill Road.

• Accident involving deer on Indian Spring Road.

• Traffic hazard on Green Bay Road.

• Tree in road on Hidden Lake Road.

• Accident on Farmville Road.

• Alarm at the office.

• Scam on Olive Branch Road.

• Rescue call on High Bridge Road.

• Rescue call on Spur Drive.

• Vehicle unlock on Farmville Road.

• Warrant service on Worsham Road.

• Vehicle fire on Prince Edward Highway.

• Assistance needed at the office.

• Accident report on Persimmon Tree Fork Road.

• Disabled vehicle at Route 15 North exit.

• Vehicle fire on Abilene Road.

August 2

• Suspicious vehicle on Rice’s Depot Road.

• Rescue call on Gully Tavern Road.

• Domestic on Five Forks Road.

• Vehicle repossession on Sandy River Road.

• Accident involving deer on 15 North and Sheppard’s Road.

• Trespassing on Brooklyn Plantation Road.

• Rescue call on Bolden Flournoy Road.

• Disabled vehicle on 460 West.                  

• Livestock in road on Hardtimes Road.

• Assistance needed on Five Forks Road.

• Domestic on Booker Court.

August 3

• Assistance needed on Prince Edward Highway.

• Disabled vehicle on Worsham Road.

• Rescue call on Grape Lawn Road.

• Welfare check on Junction Canal Road.

• Rescue call on Bruceville Road.

• Accident on Route 460 East.

• Accident on Farmville Road.

• Welfare check on Twin Bridges Road.

• Trespassing on Railroad Avenue.

• Welfare check on Love Road.

• Accident on Route 460 near Marathon Mini Mart.

• Disturbance on Campbell Crossing Road.

August 4

• Disabled vehicle on Brown Lane.

• Suspicious subject on Germantown Road.

• Assistance needed on Grape Lawn Road.

• Writ of possession on Calloway Lane.

• Rescue call on Miller Court.

• Rescue call on Milnwood Village Lane.

• Assistance needed at the office.

• Rescue call on Gates Farm Lane.

• Rescue call on Miller Lake Road.

• Suspicious Subject on Route 360 West.

• Accident on Gully Tavern Lane.

• Disabled vehicle Route 460 East.

• Burglar alarm on Miller Lake Road.

• Rescue call on North Jones Boulevard.

• Suspicious incident on Featherfin Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Commerce Street.

• Assistance needed on Falkland Road.

• Assistance needed on West Third Street.

• Vehicle unlock Pisgah Church Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Route 460 across from Route 307.

• Suspicious vehicle on Pisgah Church Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Route 460 East.

• Rescue call on Scott Drive.

August 5

• Transport on Oak Street.

• Accident involving Deer on 460 West.

• Rescue call on Elam Forest Drive.

• Vehicle unlock on Third Street.

• Debris in road on 460 East.

• Assistance needed on Pin Oak Road.

• Disabled vehicle on West Third Street.

• Assistance needed on Dungee Circle.         

• Livestock in road on Meherrin Road.

• Rescue call on Old Peachtree Road.

• Warrant service on Pineview Road.

• Protective order service on Sunchase Boulevard.

• Deliver message on Worsham Road.

• Assistance needed on Darlington Heights Road.

• Disabled vehicle near Route 307.

August 6

• Accident on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Burglar alarm on Town and Country Trail.

• Welfare check on Grape Lawn Drive.

• Suspicious subject on Third Street.

• Burglar alarm on SMI Way.

• Rescue call on Kingsville Road.

• Dispute on Fairgrounds Road.

• Fire alarm on Scott Drive.

• Assistance needed on Farmville Road.

• Domestic on Worsham Road.

• Accident on Route 307.

• Burglar alarm on Sheppard’s Road.

• Requesting VDOT on Hubbard Road.

• Dispute on Worsham Road.

• Rescue call on Twin Bridges Road.

• Rescue call on Rattlers Branch Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Suspicious incident on Campbell Crossing Road.

• Accident on Levi Road.

• Suspicious incident on Woods Lane.

August 7

• Loud noise on Price Drive.

• Assistance needed on Prince Edward Highway.

• Rescue call on Campbell Crossing Road.

• Rescue call on Pin Oak Road.

• Animal carcass in Road on South Farmville Road.

• Transport to Industrial Park Road.

• Burglar alarm on Green Bay Road.

• Burglar alarm on Prince Edward Highway.

• Lost animal on Gates Bass Road.

• Shots fired on Weswill Court Road.

• Rescue call on Pinebrook Road.

• Rescue call on Booker Court.

• Tree in road on Hubbard Road.

• Property damage on Prospect Road.

• Verbal dispute on Dungee Road.

• Accident on 460 at U.S. Route 15 North exit.

• Altercation on Five Forks Road.

• Transport on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Rescue call on High Bridge Drive.