Ethics: Too little, too late

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I find it very interesting that (Farmville) Town Council would be thinking about ethics at this time (“Council addresses ethics,” Aug. 5). And by the way, if all of the council members sign, do have our town manager sign one of those pledges as well. But personally, I think it’s a little late for council to be thinking about signing a pledge to be ethical.

Was it ethical when you purchased that 1 acre of land from Willa Wood for a town project and then agreed to sell part of it to a private developer for his own personal gain?

Was it ethical when (Town Manager Gerald) Spates and developer Russell Harper publicly castigated two councilmen for supposedly spreading misinformation based on rumors, all because those same two councilmen expressed concerns about the safety at that intersection?

Was it ethical when Councilman Greg Cole took a petition containing names of 260 residents who were opposed to the apartment project and buried the petition in the minutes without any discussion? Did he really represent his constituency when he voted “yes” to that project? Wasn’t he elected to be the voice of the people in Ward A?

Yes, Councilman Donald Hunter, ethics is a commendable trait, but does council really understand its meaning?

Jim Fauci