Benefits outweigh ‘dangerous’ pipeline

Published 1:23 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2016


A recent guest column regarding the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and compressor station for Buckingham read much like a doomsday prediction rather than a factual analysis (“Pipeline is a dangerous, bad deal for many,” July 29). While the article mentions many supposed terrible outcomes, it failed to cite any actual data.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration has collected data showing transmitting natural gas by pipeline is the safest transportation mode. Natural gas demand is rising rapidly, and energy companies are responding by turning to the cleaner burning and cheaper resource. While I am sure many pipeline opponents will respond by clamoring for increased use of renewables, it is impossible to ignore natural gas as the cheapest and most efficient current replacement for coal.

While all projects of this size come with inherent dangers, the $1 billion in economic activity statewide during construction, $38 million annual economic benefit after construction and increased access to cheap and cleaner natural gas far outweigh the scenarios opponents often label this project.

Fillmer Hevener