Woodruff presents program on canoes

Published 4:52 am Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lee Woodruff, a canoe enthusiast and expert, recently presented a program to members of the Friends of the Appomattox River (FAR) on “Choosing the Best Canoe.”

His lecture was not only entertaining, but also informative, covering topics from the shapes and designs of various canoes to how well each type handles in various situations.

Whether whitewater canoeing, floating on a placid lake or enjoying any type of waterway in between, Woodruff described a canoe designed for each purpose. 

He brought four canoes with him to illustrate the various types, and FAR members were encouraged to compare them, along with different paddle styles, according to weight, design and comfort. 

His knowledge of canoes and enthusiasm for his sport made for an excellent program.