Use private funds for repairs

Published 2:10 pm Thursday, July 28, 2016


There are those who are sorely upset that there is no escrow fund from which to draw taxpayer money to renovate the Prince Edward High School football stadium. I for one of several, don’t believe that this is a taxpayer obligation as it does not serve 100 percent of the taxpayers.

I doubt it serves 5 percent of the people and will be a burden on the people in the lowest income brackets.

I have no problem with the renovations wanted and it sounds as if they are long overdue, but I think the money should come from outside donations, from those individuals wealthy amd interested enough in this to donate both money and time, all they want to, and that donations be solicited from corporations and other non-governmental bodies who support sports projects, and to have stadium boosters to have bake sales or car washes, or whatever to raise the money.

Perhaps instead of waiting and worrying as to whether the board of supervisors will be forthcoming with the funds, as there certainly will be citizens in opposition, form a fundraising committee now and start planning fundraising activities and canvassing people and corporations.

As I understand it, almost all of the Moton School funding was non-governmental.

Richard Altice