Former fire captain sentenced

Published 3:59 pm Monday, July 18, 2016


A 37-year-old Prospect man who served as captain of the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department pleaded guilty recently to two counts of spying on and filming an underage relative.

James M. Boettcher pleaded guilty in Prince Edward Circuit Court on July 6 to two felony counts of film non-consented nude. He was not prosecuted on a misdemeanor charge of peeping into a dwelling through a peephole.

Both charges are class six felonies, according to the Code of Virginia.

Boettcher received an active sentence of 11 months in jail.

According to court records, Boettcher was indicted in April on the three charges.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Megan Clark, the allegations involve a young family member.

Prospect Volunteer Fire Department Chief Al Mason didn’t offer comment on the sentencing. He previously said Boettcher was on a leave of absence.

In a previous interview, Clark said the suspect “has two felony charges pending: one count of unlawfully creating an image of a nonconsenting person under the age of 18 who was in a state of undress … and one count of attempting to do such acts. The defendant also has one misdemeanor charge pending alleging he was peeping or spying into a dwelling or enclosure. …”

Virginia State Police agents out of Richmond conducted the investigation, Clark said.