Farmville is looking better and better

Published 5:40 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2016

At the end of last month and beginning of July, Farmville residents and frequent commuters saw the town repaving South Main Street from the baseball field at Longwood University to La Parota Grill.

While some may view the project as inconvenience — which made their commutes a few minutes longer than normal — I think this project is making the Town of Farmville look better and better each day.

I travel that roadway at least twice a day, sometimes more, and even though it wasn’t a terrible road, it did need improvements on some parts. Thankfully, the town took note of those places too, and in an effort to improve the look of our community and to be prepared for Longwood’s vice presidential debate on Oct. 4, the town made a wise decision to spruce up our quaint, unique college town.

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As always, the town continues to take care of public spaces by keeping grass cut, picking up trash around town and undertaking other small — but gratefully appreciated — tasks.

My point is, instead of looking toward the town with angry eyes because our commutes may be held up a few minutes by paving traffic, we should be thankful that we have a town that is constantly trying to improve its look.

We have all been to similar small towns, and some of us may have noticed how rough the roads are to drive on in some of them.

We are lucky to have the luxury of living in and around the Town of Farmville, which tries to avoid having rough patches to drive on and knows that commuters appreciate driving on smooth roads.

So, thank you, Town of Farmville, for keeping some of your commuters happy with better roads and continuing your lasting efforts to improve our area.

HANNAH DAVIS is staff writer for The Farmville Herald. She is also editor of The Charlotte Gazette and The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. Her email address is