Clinton is unfit for office

Published 1:06 pm Thursday, July 21, 2016


According to news reports, Maj. Jason Brezler was aware of an Afghan police chief who was abusing children. While back in the United States, he learned that Sarwar Jan — the corrupt police chief — had gained access to the Marine base in Afghanistan.

Brezler sent the information to the Marine base via a Blackberry phone, which was unsecured. One of the boys, kept by the police chief, stole an AK-47 and killed three Marines at the gym.

Brezler learned that the information he sent was classified and he turned himself in to his superiors. Improperly sending classified information led to the major being forced out.

The charge against the major stated that he “demonstrated substandard conduct, misconduct of professional or moral dereliction and conduct unbecoming an officer by failing to observe correct protocols for handling classified information.”

I am sure you get where I am going — Hillary Clinton. It is reported in the news that she had on her private server emails with information so classified that not even the investigators are allowed to read them.

She has put in jeopardy the lives of Americans and some of the most sensitive secrets of the United States.

Her own testimony states that she used the private email server for her convenience. In my opinion, she has demonstrated “substandard conduct … professional or moral dereliction and conduct unbecoming of” a candidate for president.

Clinton is a proven liar.

I agree that she should be tried in a federal court before her peers.

Lewis Brandt