Thanks to Davenport

Published 4:45 pm Thursday, June 23, 2016

Retired Buckingham County school bus driver Elaine “Tempy” Davenport did much more than just transport students to and from school for 36 years.

She was a wonderful role model to the county’s students in her dedication and work ethic.

Many thought that Davenport would never retire, but this year, she decided it was time.

Davenport’s service to the county began in 1980 and came to a close on May 20. The years between should never be forgotten.

In particular, Davenport’s efforts in 1990 to help improve conditions for school bus drivers will leave a lasting legacy.

Because both she and fellow driver Francis Miller went to the school board asking for benefits, including sick leave, insurance and retirement, bus drivers in Buckingham no longer have to worry about taking time off without pay or getting sick.

We commend Davenport’s leadership, which benefitted all of the county’s school bus drivers.

Throughout Davenport’s career she transported hundreds of students of all ages. Many still fondly remember their time on her bus. She has transported students who were children and grandchildren of students she transported in the past.

Her attention to their safety and care for their livelihood should not be overlooked.

Davenport may have retired, but she certainly won’t ever be forgotten.

We thank and recognize Davenport for her hard work and the time that she put into the lives of Buckingham’s youth.

We wish Davenport a happy retirement, and hope others learn from her service and work.