Restore funding to entities

Published 10:54 am Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Prince Edward County supervisors should restore funding to organizations that help support our business community, specifically the Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce, Southside Virginia Community College and the Longwood Small Business Development Center.

As educators and residents, we believe that the county has a vested interest in promoting economic growth as well as the quality of life that attracts qualified professionals to our area. The entities in question do just that by partnering with local businesses to make the most of opportunities that arise and to tackle challenges that face our citizenry. Whatever criteria the board of supervisors establishes for allocating funding should take into account that investments in these organizations add value to our community.

We take exception to previous comments suggesting that these organizations are the “pet projects” of chamber Vice Chairman Brad Watson.

We have known Watson for more than 17 years and have witnessed his continuous volunteer efforts on behalf of multiple civic groups. He is driven by a desire to give back to his community and to secure its future. Thoughtful people with differing priorities may disagree about the particulars of funding economic development, but to question Watson’s motives doesn’t move the debate forward.

In our opinion, the county budget should not entirely sacrifice long-term goals for short-term savings.

A person doesn’t have to go too far down the road in Southside Virginia to see nearby communities that are struggling to sustain themselves.

Dave Carkenord

Diane Stubbins