Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Published 4:01 pm Thursday, June 23, 2016

Total calls received: 134

Calls handled by dispatch: 37

Civil papers served: 229

Criminal papers served:  58

Transports of mental patients and prisoners: 2

Traffic stops: 29

June 13

• Burglar alarm on Sulphur Springs Road.

• Accident on 460 West and 15 North.

• Controlled burn on County Line Road.

• Suspicious subject on Railroad Avenue.

• Accident on West Third Street.

• Assistance needed on Genito Road.

• Burglar alarm on Farmville Road.

• Suspicious incident on Redd Shop Road.

• Burglar alarm on Hendricks Road.

• Project Lifesaver on Sheppard’s Road.

• Debris on highway on 460 East.

• Vehicle repossession on Sulphur Springs Road.

• Burglar alarm on Sandy River Road.

• Animal control requested on Hardtimes Road.

• Suspicious incident on Dogwood Lane.

June 14

• Larceny on Lockett Road.

• Unoccupied vehicle on Route 657.

• Fraud on Vernon Street.

• Phone harassment on Whispering Wood Road.

• Gas drive off on West Third Street.

• Stolen property on Five Forks Road.

• Accident on 460 East.

• Disabled vehicle on 460 West.

• Disabled vehicle on Aspen Hill Road.

• Welfare check on Twin Bridges Road.

• Towing on Rice’s Depot Road.

June 15

• Accident involving deer on Prince Edward Highway.

• Accident involving Deer on Farmville Road.

• Warrant service on Mountain Creek Road.

• Rescue call on Gates Bass Road.

• Rescue call on Abilene Road.

• Transport to Industrial Park Road.

• Stolen property on Elam Forest Road.

• Burglar alarm on Railroad Avenue.

June 16

• Suspicious vehicle on Route 307 West.

• Animal Control requested on Five Forks Road.

• Funeral traffic for Trinity Memorial.

• Assault on Mt. Moriah Road.

• Transport on Bush River Drive.

• Burglar alarm on Poorhouse Road.

• Reckless driving on 307 West.

• Funeral traffic for Trinity Memorial Gardens.

• Assistance needed on Railroad Avenue.

• Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

• Controlled burn on Brooklyn Plantation Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Saylers Creek Road.

• Rescue call on Indian Spring Road.

• Rescue call on Booker Court Road.

• Rescue call on Twin Bridges Road.

June 17

• Suspicious incident on Nursery Road.

• Rescue call on Cardwell Drive.

• Assistance needed on Route 307.

• Rescue call on McCallister Lane.

• Rescue call on Commerce Road.

• Tree in road on Prince Edward Highway.

• Debris in highway on 460 West.

• Rescue call on Scott Drive.

• Verbal dispute on Elam Road.

• Accident on Lakeview Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Booker Court Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Germantown Road.

• Tree in road on 15 South and County Line Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Snail Creek Road.

• Warrant service on Five Forks Road.

• Vehicle traveling in the Wrong Direction on 460 East.

• Loud noise on Worsham Road.

June 18

• Assistance needed on Zion Hill Road.

• Accident involving deer on Scott Road.

• Rescue call on Virso Road.

• Protective order service on Mt. Creek Road.

• Rescue call on Booker Court Road.