Hat’s off to wearing hats

Published 11:50 am Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I enjoyed Marge Swayne’s article about Ms. Jane Crute and her hats (“Making a case of fashion of the past,” March 25). You might like to know she is not the only hat lover in the area. I hope she has success urging ladies to start wearing hats again.

I am a senior citizen, not quite as old as Crute, but a hat lover and wearer also. My hat collection includes church hats, gardening hats, winter hats, summer hats, just-for -fun hats, rain hats and those that are worn when I attend horse shows.

For years I have tried to convince young women to wear hats if they want to get attention.

No, not those baseball cap hats. Ladies who wear hats stand out in a crowd.

Often, when I am out and about, men stop to tell me they like my hat.

A recent check of my hat closet totaled 37 boxes. Since many contain two or three hats the hat count may total 80 or so.

I live in Cumberland County so don’t know many people in Farmville, but most of the members of Johns Memorial Episcopal Church know me as the lady in the hat even if they don’t know my name.

I thought you should know that Cumberland also has a hat lady.

May I suggest you try a hat? You might find it fun.

Carol J. Miller