Fuqua Upper School hands out awards

Published 2:51 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fuqua Upper School recently held an awards assembly recognizing students for their outstanding achievements, with three students receiving the Anna McGovern Scholarship.

The rising seniors with the highest academic record received $1,000 to be applied to 2016-17 tuition.

The Anna McGovern Scholarship recipients were Robert Burns, Brad Davis and Sarah Jane French.

Other Upper School students also received awards. The Randolph-Macon College Leadership Award went to Carson Johnson, the Randolph College Book Award went to Charlotte Townsend, the Hollins Book Award went to Anna Cyrus, the Roy B. Hargrove Jr. Memorial Scholarship went to Jamie Carkenord, the Barksdale Cancer Foundation Scholarship went to Brandy Tharpe, the Gemini Incorporated Scholarship went to Noah Shepherd, and the Centra SCH Auxiliary Scholarship went to Noah Shepherd.

The Robert C. Moates Scholarship went to Stone Tucker, the Woodmen Life Scholarship went to Stone Tucker, the Prince Edward Ruritan Scholarship went to Emily Jefferson, the Delta Kappa Gamma Book Stipend went to Kendall Schmidt, the National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship went to Abby Morrow and Noah Shepherd, the College of William & Mary Leadership Award went to Brad Davis, the John Varner Memorial Scholarship went to Hampton White, the DAR Good Citizen Award went to Noah Shepherd, the Kenneth B. Worthy Masonic Educational Award went to Noah Shepherd, the Virginia Grand Masonic Lodge Scholarship went to Noah Shepherd, and the Community Service Recognitions: Friends of Fuqua Awards went to Minyue Chen, Warren Dabney, Hank Dai, Michael Davis, Nicholas Davis, David Hice, Elizabeth Hice, Clay Osborn, Naomi Painter, Noah Shepherd, Brinley Thomas and Stone Tucker.

Silver Service Awards went to David Hice, Madison Pace, Brandy Tharpe and Stone Tucker. The Southside Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Award went to Ashley Chipman, the Arta Lockridge Nottingham Chappius Award went to Jordyn Harris, the Daphne S. Mason English Award went to Claudia Sadler, and the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists new inductees included Madison Pace, Kendall Schmidt, Hayley Cunningham, Charlotte Townsend and Sarah Jane French.

The Fred D. Young Award went to Will Robertson, and VFW Voice of Democracy Awards went to Thomas Watson, David Hice and Jonathon Kelly.

The Art Purchase Award went to Naomi Painter, and Longwood Center for Visual Arts Awards went to Nataliia Berezhnaya, Jamie Carkenord, Monica Cheng, Isaac Drummond, Madeline Hite, Shio Moribe, Naomi Painter and Sallie Vick.

The Longwood Highlights Exhibition Award went to Monica Cheng, the Outstanding Senior Band Award went to Jenna Armes, The Trig-Star Awards went to David Hice and Curtis Rogers, and Model General Assembly recognitions went to Devin Allen, Paavan Bonagiri, Jamie Carkenord, Mallory Cooper, Anna Cyrus, Jeffrey Fariss, Taylor Frink, Katie Haney, David Hice, Carson Johnson, Jonathon Kelly, Alexa Marzloff, Madison Pace, Noah Shepherd, Hannah Smith, Lauren Stimpson, Nitalia Summa, Michael Thornton, Stone Tucker, Ellie Vick, Claire Watson, Thomas Watson, Hampton White and Peyton Wiecking.

Virginia Boys State delegates included Brad Davis, Curtis Rogers, Nicholas Davis, Hampton White, Alexander Patterson and (alternate) Robert Burns. Virginia Girls State delegates included Charlotte Townsend, Emily Jefferson and (alternates) Ashley Chipman and Chaundra Jones.

The Hugh O’Brian Recognition went to Brinley Thomas, while Model United Nations recognitions went to Marin Angle, Jenna Armes, Jamie Carkenord, Isaiah Christian, Maggie Encarnacion, Tucker Estes, Max Gebauer, Eli Hall, Elizabeth Hice, David Hice, Cody Howard, Morgan Lindsay, Naomi Painter, Sarabeth Roberts, Noah Shepherd, Michael Thornton, Ethan Watson, Thomas Watson, Hampton White, Peyton Wiecking and Alice Zhong.

N.C. State Vet Camp recognition went to Brinley Thomas, Top of the Class 2016 Awards went to David Hice and Stone Tucker, Wendy’s Heisman Awards went to Taylor Frink and Stone Tucker, Robert A. & Nancy S. Smith Awards went to Mary Grace Amos and Nicholas Davis, R.C. Gilmer Sports Awards went to Brad Davis and Katie Haney, the Al Smith Award went to Taylor Frink, the J. Boyd Bagby Scholarship went to Kevin Hicks, the Robert T. Redd Scholarship went to Jesse Hudgins, and the SCA Scholarship went to Naomi Painter.

Brandon T. Davis Athletic Scholarships went to Jalen Patteson and Claire Watson, the Kenny and Jennifer Lewis Scholarship went to Curtis Rogers,  President’s Awards for Academic Excellence went to Minyue Chen, David Hice, Noah Shepherd, Stone Tucker and Thomas Watson, the Ruth S. Murphy Scholarship went to Chaundra Jones, the Richard E. Swayne Scholarship went to Morgan Lindsay, Anna McGovern Scholarships went to Robert Burns, Brad Davis and Sarah Jane French, the Wall English Award went to Thomas Watson, the Taylor Social Studies Award went to David Hice, the Redd Science Award went to Noah Shepherd, the Pearson Foreign Language Award went to Kendall Schmidt, the Hargrove Fine Arts Award went to Stone Tucker, and the Glenn Math Award went to Minyue Chen.

Cum Laude inductees included Minyue Chen, Kendall Schmidt and Noah Shepherd.

SCA Officers for the upcoming year include Brad Davis (president), Jesse Hudgins (vice president), Jamie Carkenord (treasurer) and Ellie Vick (secretary).