Delayed vote is good

Published 11:51 am Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We commend the Farmville Town Council for delaying its planned Wednesday vote on a proposed 120-unit apartment complex — a topic that’s been hotly debated over the past 30 days.

The additional month — with an anticipated vote in July — will do two things to greatly help the process: It will allow for time for more facts and information to be gathered by council members and the public, and it will allow for tensions and emotions, which have been running high, to quell, allowing for clearer visions for both those for and against the project.

The delayed vote will also allow for a community meeting where Russell Harper of Farmville Associates LLC — the firm proposing the project — will provide both residents and council members with more details about the project.

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“I suggested it to the developer sometime ago,” Town Manager Gerald Spates said during the council’s work session last Wednesday. “He’s very interested in meeting with the residents and hosting some kind of little get together.”

We commend Spates for his suggestion and Harper for his willingness to meet with residents.