Consider other landowners

Published 12:47 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016


I wholeheartedly agree with no deer hunting with dogs in a recent guest column in The Farmville Herald (“The time to end hunting with dogs is now,” Friday, March 4).

Just think about it: Put the dogs out on the road on non-posted (as well as posted) land and let them run deer through acres of private, posted land — through multiple yards and children’s play areas until the deer come out on a patch of non-posted land or on a road so the hunters can shoot the deer. 

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This is all made easier by the frequent use of electronic tracking devices. Hunters know exactly where the deer will come out to non-posted land or cross a road so they can shoot.

Consider the landowner, like me, who owns some acreage and after the first couple of days of the season, the deer hunters have successfully run all the deer off my property, so there is not much hope of harvesting a deer from my own tree stand.

Brad Babcock