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Chaffin takes the right approach

While weeks ago we endorsed veteran educator Patricia Bobenreith for the Buffalo District seat on the Prince Edward County School Board, we’re happy to hear that the appointee — Dr. Wilkie Chaffin — is keeping an open mind in his new leadership role.

Though we pushed for Bobenrieth, who taught for 30 years in Prince Edward, Lunenburg, Nottoway and Pennsylvania, and think she should have been appointed, we believe Chaffin will make some valuable contributions if he follows through on his pledge to keep an open mind, continuously seeks to learn and puts children over politics.

“There are people that think the school board does have some things that need to be done or changed, and maybe if that’s the case I can help,” Chaffin said.

He told a Herald reporter that he wants to begin his term by learning more about the schools and the school board.

We commend him for that.

“One thing I plan to do is to spend a lot time in the schools, physically in the schools, so that I can get an idea first-hand what it’s like and what’s going on,” Chaffin said.

This is a great start for Chaffin — one that we hope will lead to more great changes and accomplishments of the division.

We also hope that Bobenrieth will continue her involvement, which includes mentoring, in our public schools.

It would also be a great start for Chaffin to meet with Bobenrieth to learn more about the ideas and concepts she presented to both the board and the citizen committee.