An investment, not a donation

Published 12:50 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016


There is much talk about the Prince Edward County budget cuts to various organizations these days, including the Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce.

I think people may not understand the role the chamber of commerce plays in the community, so I wanted to explain what we do.

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Our mission is to promote and support the businesses and this community.

We encourage tourism to our area and help with people who are relocating here. We promote the businesses that are already here and help the new ones who start up.

When businesses locate in this area, they provide employment opportunities for our citizens.

When businesses thrive here, they generate increased revenue which brings in more local taxes which go directly back to local schools and government offices.

This is a great way to bring in more money to our local governments.

Having thriving businesses also builds more prosperous neighborhoods and puts more discretionary income back into our community.

We are not asking the county for a donation. We feel that this is an investment in our community.

If we did not have a chamber of commerce, then Prince Edward County or the Town of Farmville would have to provide these services and that would cost substantially more to taxpayers.

Having a strong chamber of commerce is good for all citizens and good for our county.

Joy Stump

Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce