A legend steps down

Published 2:52 pm Thursday, June 2, 2016

Craig Gill is a name that is well-known in every part of our community.

Gill is a man who not only teaches at Buckingham County High School but has coached varsity football there for 20 seasons. Although Knights fans are already gearing up for the upcoming football season, this year will be completely different for them.

Gill recently announced his retirement from coaching football at his beloved school. For many this comes as a tragic shock, for Gill is loved by many in the Buckingham community. Severe sadness also kicked in as a part of the Knights football experience has come to an end and will be missed.

Gill was not only a coach at BCHS but a legend. He worked hard every day on the field. He ran laps with his team before every game, even up until the Knights’ last playoff game of the season last year.

Gill did not talk about respect; he showed it. He gave every player he coached an immeasurable amount of respect and treated them as if they were his own children.

We will sorely miss this legend. We cannot thank him enough for the time and effort he has put in over the years to help improve each player’s football skills, and for also raising young men to be gentlemen.

Gill sets an impressive example of a man, coach and father-figure to many.

We could all learn from this legend.